Butter chicken lovin’

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So firstly, this happens to be my all time favorite dish. I actually order it all the time and if given a chance, id probably order it at another cuisine based restaurant. That is how much I love Butter Chicken. Enough of me, let talk butter chicken.

buuter chicken PC-google
buuter chicken PC-google

From every Indian restaurant that i visited and the number of times i have ordered butter chicken and trust me, its a lot of times. Copperleaf in Porvorim which has just opened a year or so ago, but first had its staff at Bhojan which was also located in porvorim has the most amazing butter chicken which is the right color and texture but man the taste is incredibly incredible with the all time favorite Indian bread, Roti this dish is just divine. Doesn’t have to be just roti it could be anything of your liking. Besides having this dish, the Thali here is quiet filling and fresh too. The Chicken Lollipop tossed in schezwen  sauce is mouth watering too

fish thali PC-google
fish thali PC-google

Goa on a plate

At first glance, Anand’s looks like a brick house from the front and a run down mill from the side. But the whiff of fresh fish on the fire will lead you in by your nose. The outdoor seating area is rustic – enclosed with a simple wooden railing around. It is surrounded by trees and faces the fields and the whiff will make you believe youre on the beach or even sitting at a beach shack. Though it is very dimly lit at night and covered the breeze still had the place well ventilated.


The service is super fast and at the same time super long. A waiter will be at your table to take your order and will vanish before you have a chance to have second thoughts. And should you think of ordering something after the waiter has left, tough luck. You will need to wait until your order arrives to place another one, no amount of hand waving or shoulder tapping will work because its that crowded.
None of the fish have prices mentioned, it depends on the size, of course. But the prices are so reasonable, I guarantee you will be surprised once you’ve eaten a dozen things and find an unexpected bill.

Try out the prawns rechardo style. Also, a must try is the fish thali- fish curry rice and a gorgeous king fish. I wouldnt recommend trying any other course just seafood.

The Goan Burger

Many times when i get hungry i often think to myself, what satisfies me? And then it hits me, the “cutlet pao” is a fast food worth the calories i put on. It may or may not be that famous but you just gotta try it. This small, homely and father-son joint is situated in Ribandar just besides the church where they give you the most tender and full of flavor bread that is just divine to eat. The taste being so good i can eat two loaves and damn its worth the travel. It doesn’t end here, they have plenty to offer like their chicken cafreal, sausage bread and lots more. Because the place is small, people often sit outside and enjoy while watching the vehicles move along the beautifully long lit stretch ahead.

To all you Goan foodies out there, try a different cutlet pao

Black Vanilla

If you happen to be in Panjim and you cant wait to munch on something, Black Vanilla is just the right place to head over to. Just before going to miramar, this place is on that stretch of the road. Sophisticated and old-school, the ambiance is also peaceful and the people are nice too. You will probably end up meeting people you’d know and havent met in a long time.

The small nibbles and bites are decent and a good place to go to in the evening when you get hungry or as a tea break. Service is fast too. The Cheesecake is smooth and delicious and the taste is a beaut.

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Wok and Roll- a casual dining experience


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Wok and Roll is multi-cuisine restaurant that include Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian and an Asian experience which is all under one roof located in candolim with a very subtle feel of being to one or all of these places.


the complimentary dish

Once you’re settled in and comfortable and the music lightens up you mood, They brought out an innovative paan-style assembly plate with spinach leaf instead of betel and a variety of nuts and condiments to make one yourself! It tasted pretty good, with imli, raw onion, chilli, peanut, sautéed onions etc. They also serve complimentary herbal tea. As soon as you eat it you have that feeling that the rest of the food tastes good too. Since its a multi- cuisine restaurant the menu is quiet vast and the patience you need to order is another task but once ordered, the food is delicious and the serving is enough for 5 people. Most of the dishes have an option if you want to order veg or non-veg and even seafood. The Malaysian noodles are a must try and does not necessarily need a gravy dish, but if you happen to want you can always try out the oyster gravy dish where the color is great and so is the dish itself.  The dumplings were not as good as expected because it got stuck to the paper while serving, overall the meal was good and good be a bit pricey

We all scream for ice-cream

A very recent place has opened up at Anjuna just besides the Our lady of Health Chapel which gives you a feel of what gelato is supposed to tastes like. You don’t need to travel much if you’re around anjuna having a good meal. Just go to Cream Choc and get a choice of ice cream which will take you to gelato land. Whatever you order, you will genuinely get the taste of it. The chocolate mint ice cream is sooo refreshing and the hazelnut too taste 1446619823-image1-4absolutely great and exactly like hazel nut. Every flavor tastes how you intend them too. Every day a different flavor is put up and is a must try because you just might never get to try it again. The flavors also have an Indian mix to it where they have Chai(tea) and a few other spices to engross its people. They also let you put on toppings of your choice which is displayed. a cold stone is something new which in introduced for them and this also tastes good. The staff is incredibly friendly and if you’re friendly too, they can be alot generous with the scoop of ice cream they add to you cup or cone wit a crunchy wafer element added to make it look and taste good.

Cafe lazydays , not so lazy


the entrance of Lazydays cafe
the entrance of Lazydays cafe pc- google

Where do I begin? Every time i visit this place it is always crowded. Right from the staff to the decor to the food. Its an amazing place to dine with friends and when you’re with your family, don’t forget to order a variety so you don’t miss out and try from everyone’s plate. Its simply amazing. If you’re a meat lover do try out the steaks which is cooked to perfection and to your liking as well with sauce which is as good as it looks with a mash potato side which melts in your mouth or maybe some veggies.The other items on the menu are scrumptious too. Its easy to locate if you are closer to the calangute cross roads but the place is in Baga. The entire restaurant has this beach shack feel to it which is great. Lovely ambiance that follows and good music played with the new hit for Goa where they get a live band to perform and make the people interact as they enjoy a good meal. After a good meal dont forget dessert, nobody leaves without it. The staff is friendly and well educated with the menu and helpful when it comes to ordering and easy to spot as they wear a white shirt and black pants as their uniform. In case you gotta wait for a long time, they also have a snooker table at the side. The prices are reasonable too.


Baba Au Rhum- a french delight

a croissant with a side dip of warm chocolate sauce and a cuppa-tea

Baba au rhum is a small unique french cafe which is located in Anjuna amidst in the woods and surrounded by a beautiful view of just greenery which is very relaxing and you can sit there for hours. Being a french cafe, the breakfast has a lot to offer. A perfectly crispy, crunchy warm and delightful croissant which you could get plain or with some goood ham or in fact, however you see fit is just what you need accompanied with a glass of juice or coffee to start off your perfect day. The ambiance is as good as the food and the music being played just soothes you all the more.

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No way is the cafe  all about its breakfast, the food here is great too. The burgers, and a limited variety of pizzas at its disposal makes you want to eat till you cant no more. Not to forget, the salad is fresh and healthy. The types of beverage too(non- alcoholic) are mouth watering actually makes you feel refreshed  .We all need a wee bit of french cuisine so yeah, go down into your curvy wavy lanes of anjuna and do visit!

Fruity And Refreshing

Everyone likes a fresh glass of juice at some point during their day. Whats your favorite juice? Head over to Ganesh Juice Centre in Chapora. Many people go there so often that well, it makes them feel at home. Not trying to be cliche but its a fact. They also acknowledge the place as JC. the Juice Center doesn’t look all that fancy  but my oh my the juices that are available aren’t just healthy but taste reaaal good. The options are so many that you cant decide what you want to have but whatever you do happen to have is nothing less than fruitful and keeps you wanting more. People travel from all over Goa and maybe outside Goa to try out this small little Juice heaven.

Not only are the juices great but they leave you wanting to try their milkshakes where you can mix as many fruits as you want but that outcome is undecided and this is probably because you cant just mix whatever you wish to. If you do get it right, I’m sure you will call it home too. Lets not forget that healthy eating and fruits together you get a delicious fruit salad. Everything you get here is fresh and since you’ll are wondering, its very much affordable.

So guys, get your rides and go refresh yourself at the JC!

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Veggie Delight Time!

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Wanna go to a unique vegetarian restaurant? You should try out Saraya which is not your average restaurant, its located just off the main Chogum road in Sangolda. Its kinda hidden and difficult to spot at first but once found you cannot miss it every time you pass by that area. The place also has an art gallery, a library and all the staff are volunteers that are sourced from couchsurfing.com which lists places that require volunteers and mainly backpackers travelling looking for a place to stay and food is a certainty. So here, in exchange saraya gives them accommodation and food and they have to work for five hours a day in return. Saraya also has rooms which are mud houses and tree houses! How cool is that? ah ah. Some serious ingenuity has gone into designing these rooms, they are absolutely beautiful and very close to nature! You guys gotta go check it out!

The restaurant is 100% Vegan, they have their own Pizza oven made of clay and the menu is more towards the healthier side. They make these amazing smoothies and juices which get you full but just makes you want more every time. Fan of pasta? They make some good pasta here too. Oh and also, since its mentioned that the food is healthy the sandwiches aren’t just tasty buuut made of whole wheat  as well.

So all you vegetarians out there and probably those that dont like veg , maybe give this place a shot! I’m sure you’ll like it!